Fridays, 7:30 - 10:00, at the Unitarian Meetinghouse (UU), or Bangs Community Center.  See below for dates.

Covid precautions:  We require either proof of vaccination(*), or recent negative Covid test(**).    Masks are optional for those that meet vaccination criteria.


For parties and special events, we suggest $20 contribution.  When we meet at the Unitarian Meetinghouse we ask for $10 contribution to cover rent ($5-$15 sliding scale).   Please bring clean, soft-soled shoes that will not leave scratches or black marks on the floor.   If locked, ring bell!!!  Sorry, we are required to keep door locked when not monitored.

At the other venues, contributions are always greatly appreciated, as your purse allows.

Schedule for Spring/Summer 2023

(subject to change - please check back as the date approaches!)

AIFD Schedule

UU = Unitarian Meetinghouse Social Hall

Bangs = Bangs Community Center, Large Activity Room
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(*)  COVID vaccination means at least one bivalent vaccine completed at least two weeks before attending; if you are new to the group, we may also ask to see a picture ID.   We will keep a list of attendees who have provided proof of vaccination so that you do not need to bring it every week.  You must bring proof of vaccination the first time you come dancing, however--no exceptions will be made. 

** Negative COVID test by either a PCR test within past 48 hours, OR  a Rapid Antigen Test within past 12 hours. Those bringing proof of a recent negative COVID test must do so every time they attend.

If you'd like to be on our email list to get updates as they become available, contact us.