Directions - Unitarian Meetinghouse

121 N Pleasant St

This is our alternate location, Unitarian Meetinghouse Social Hall, 121 North Pleasant Street,  Amherst, MA.  It is but a stone-throw from the Bangs Community Center .   Parking is the same for either location.  Use the side entrance, at the top of the rampCheck the schedule to see where we will meet any given week.

Clean, soft-soled shoes required to preserve the floor.  They should not leave scratches or black marks.  We request $5-10 sliding scale donation to cover the rent on ordinary Fridays; more for special events.

If the parking lots shown are full, there are many parking lots within a block or two, as well as on-street parking. Although it is rare, illegally parked cars have been towed, so please make sure you park in a legal space.

Parking information.