Directions - Unitarian Meetinghouse

121 N Pleasant St

This is our alternate location, Unitarian Meetinghouse Social Hall, 121 North Pleasant Street,  Amherst, MA.  It is but a stone-throw from the Bangs Community Center .   Parking is the same for either location.  Use the side entrance, at the top of the rampCheck the schedule to see where we will meet any given week.

Construction Alert, November 2017: Due to construction on right side of Unitarian Meetinghouse, access from North Pleasant Street is temporarily blocked!  The door remains accessible from the rear (parking lot), though the walkway is temporarily undergoing reconstruction.  If arriving on North Pleasant Street, please walk around the building to approach the the ramp from the rear.   In the event that the door above the ramp becomes completely inaccessible, we will unlock the street level door on Kellogg Street, left side of building, just before the parking lot.  From this entrance, follow the corridor to the stairs behind the fire door.  We are up one flight.

Clean, soft-soled shoes required to preserve the floor.  They should not leave scratches or black marks.  We request $5-10 sliding scale donation to cover the rent on ordinary Fridays; more for special events.

If the parking lots shown are full, there are many parking lots within a block or two, as well as on-street parking. Although it is rare, illegally parked cars have been towed, so please make sure you park in a legal space.

Parking information.